Greenworld Nursery Blog Latest Products Sun, 03 Mar 2024 20:13:37 +0530 en-us Bambusa Plant- the symbol for good luck and prosperity Fri, 14 Nov 2014 10:09:30 +0530 Bambusa vulgaris or in common language called as the Golden Bamboo or the Buddha’s Belly Bamboo is becoming a widely found plant in the gardens as well as in the homes. According to Feng shui, Bamboo has always been associated with good charms and for bringing in prosperity with them to the place of their establishment. <a href=""><b>Golden Bamboo</b></a> is another variety of the family bamboo. Though cultivated in the Indochina and in the Province of Yunnan in southern China, it is now been cultivated in many different parts of the world. History behind the Golden BambooBambusa plant derived its Buddha’s Belly name due to the fact that Lord Buddha achieved his enlightenment by offering his prayers and meditating under this breed of bamboo. Out of all the breeds, it is one of the oldest and most easily recognizable species.  It is known by different ethnic names in the region of their cultivation. It is an adaptable kind of plant as it can grow under unfavorable or drought conditions as well. Though best grown in the humid climate, preferably moist soil, it can still maintain its integrity under unfavorable conditions also. It is highly susceptible to threats by bugs and beetles due to high carbohydrate content in its plant.Utility of the Bambusa PlantThe bamboo plant is used for different purposes ranging from ornamenting your home, to being used for bringing good luck to the family or as fodder for the animals. It is a great source of carbohydrates to provide instant energy. Used as an instant source of energy: Bamboo plant is used to produce sugar as it is rich in carbohydrates and the juice of such a plant can make you burst with energy. The stem of the bamboo plant is crushed to obtain a juice, which refreshes you up in a hot and humid weather. Used to add style to your exteriors: Bamboo plant can be planted in your gardens and can add zing to your plain garden. The Bamboo plant doesn’t demand much maintenance from your side and can tolerate adverse conditions. Brings prosperity to your home: Not only can it make the exterior of your home look extraordinary, it is believed to be a symbol of opulence and success for the owner and other family members. Constructing temporary shelters or huts in flood prone areas can be undertaken by using the leaves and the stem of the bamboo plant. What are you waiting for, grab a bamboo plant from your nearest nursery and enjoy its benefits. How to get ficus starlight plants? Thu, 11 Dec 2014 12:24:36 +0530 When you need beautiful flora to decorate your house, then you need to get hold of the best nursery, for they have knowledge about all the plants, and sell them. A few plants can be grown with the seeds, but not all can be done so. You can craft the beautiful roses from the friends, but not the Ficus Starlight plants. When you want to grow such plants, it is apt to contact the nursery. The wholesale nursery can tell you all about the plants, and you need to check with them if the plant can survive in your locale. If you are a retailer, then considering too many things while choosing the wholesale nursery is irksome, for you cannot afford to get the plants that are not healthy   Why should you choose wholesalers? Only they can supply the plants at affordable prices to you. You cannot collect the plants from the places they grow. They maintain the plants and can tell you how to maintain them under specific conditions.   How to choose the best wholesalers? The wholesale supplier is reliable, and they should be able to fulfill the order on time. They should be able to send the plants to the area you live in, or the area you prefer them to arrive. You need to choose the wholesalers because they send the plants in bulk to the various places. They do not spend much on shipping because they do frequent business and this way you can save on the cost of the plants. You need to choose the nursery that sells every plant you need. You cannot get one plant from one nursery and another, from another nursery. From wet land plants to the grasses, everything should be made available for you at one place. The trees and plants you receive should have been dug only 48 hours before they are shipped to you. The wholesaler should know what he is doing. He should know about the nature of the plants, the climate they can live in and also the specific instructions. They should be ready to share the knowledge. The wholesaler should be able to send plants that are ready to flourish even after replanting. The wholesaler you choose should be sticking to the rules and regulations of the local government.   If you do not know how to check for all these, then you need to check the website of the nursery to gather information. Lawn Grass Suppliers offer better pastures Fri, 26 Dec 2014 17:58:43 +0530 If you have noticed some magnificent lawns of a luxury hotel, gardens or golf courses, chances are that you are admiring the well-kept space that is being maintained by professionals. The lawn grass suppliers are busy almost every time of the year as they keep good nursery to offer exciting pastures. Here is what you should know if you wish to get the best grass or alternatives to it. Now days eco-friendly alternative turfs are also preferred choices.  Choose the right grass typeHopefully, you would have determined the need for the grass-a tennis court, mini-gold course, a garden restaurant or a cricket field…perhaps you are planning to decorate the area around the drive way. Whatever is the reason- choose the right grass type. Then you can either seed it, sod, and sprig or plug the entire grass for the pasture. A good way to start is to keep an account of the climatic conditions-i.e will the grass have to ‘live’ in cool or warm conditions? This will help you to determine which type will survive the climate. Then choose a mixture that will help the grass grow.   How much time will you spend on the lawn? Will the grass grow under your feet for long? For example a cricket field needs a different grass type than a garden restaurant. Your money and efforts will be saved if you take the right kind of grass. Obviously, knowledgeable lawn grass suppliers should be asked to give their expert advice. It will save the bother and stop you from ruining the ‘look’.   Appearances matter even when grass is grown. All grass does not grow in single blades. Some grow in bunches, other are creepy when as they develop. How much can such grass be manicured and maintained. This is an important factor to be kept in mind.   Select the type of grass when you have really made up your mind. It is a life-long choice and there is no going back later. It is an investment you need to take care and nurture. Cultivate the best turfA company that offers innovative grass types and also offers knowledge on cultivating, harvesting and most especially sowing are important. Many companies offer advanced technological knowledge as they have experts who have immense gardening experience. They have people who have an understanding on how to grow grass and what type is suitable for a client.